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Helping You to Heal Yourself

Bowen Technique, Tensegrity Medicine, Massage Therapy in Columbia, Missouri

Hi!  I'm Peter Spotts,  a licensed massage therapist specializing in pain relief, injury treatment, deep relaxation, and release of chronic conditions using a variety of integrated approaches to help your body heal.  Treatment is customized to each client, to help you get the best results. Scroll down to learn more, or click on the "Learn More" menu for more detail.

I work with a team of great therapists at Hawthorn Health, at Forum Boulevard and Chapel Hill Road. Lower entrance of Lexington building in "The Colonies."


All therapy sessions by appointment only. Generally I am available Tuesdays through Fridays--but if you don't see a time that works for you, let me know and we can figure something out.


2620 Forum Blvd, Suite C
​Columbia, Missouri 65203


In the Colonies business park at Chapel  Hill and Forum, the "Lexington" building.

COVID NOTE:  We are masking, sanitizing, cleaning the office air, and also observing responsible precautions in our non-work lives.  We respectfully request this of our clients as well, for the good of all. Together, we can make it through this pandemic, and be healthy.

Mobility.  Relaxation. Balance.

Therapeutic Massage: 
(What is combined-modal bodywork and why should I care?)


Combined-modal treatment is absolutely my cup of tea.  I try to focus everything I've learned, to find the right combination of techniques that will help you respond effectively.  We'll talk about what works for you, and the various approaches I can take.  We can focus on pain relief, deep relaxation, stress relief, balancing the body, and specific areas.  Depending on what seems to be working the best, we might go with a lighter, neural approach or a deeper, musculoskeletal or fascial approach--or a combination.

Massage is outstanding for general health, relaxation, and self-care.  On a deeper level, bodywork is recognized as an effective complementary treatment for many medical issues: pre- or post-surgery, recovery from injury, low back health and cranial comfort. When I meet with you, we'll discuss our goals for treatment--all of your goals are valuable, and all of your insights are valid.

My work is customized to each individual, whether for relaxation/stress relief,  general well-being, or specific issues.  My approach tends to be smooth and slow.  I work through layers of the body and go deeper as the tissue allows. Depending on what is needed, I can help with injury recovery, and also help the whole body relax and re-balance.  I keep learning more approaches, and truthfully it's a lot of fun figuring out what combination of approaches will work best with each individual!


Tensegrity Medicine: 
(My overarching understanding--not a separate technique)

Our bodies are whole organisms--every part of our body responds to, and is balanced by, the other parts.  Tensegrity Medicine is the overarching philosophy that guides my approach to treatment--a gentle and effective way to reduce pain and increase mobility by allowing release in restricted areas.  I try to find the ways that each person's unique system will respond, allowing an easy rebalancing of the dynamic forces the are in our bodies.

Tensegrity Medicine, developed by Kelly Clancy, is an evolving approach based on leading edge understanding of fascia and biotensegrity--the root-level work of how the body organizes itself.  We apply a variety of techniques to restore 3-dimensional balance to the human system for increasing freedom of comfortable mobility. We work neurally, muscularly, and fascially, with an overarching emphasis of connectivity of tissue throughout the body.  

The body's response is what makes the difference.

Further resources:


Bowen Technique:

Developed by Tom Bowen in the 1970s, the Bowen Technique, or Bowenwork, is a gentle, noninvasive approach that utilizes specific cross-fiber moves across muscles and nerves. The moves stimulate the body's healing response. The practitioner may leave the room periodically, giving the body more of a chance to “reset.” Bowenwork can be done through light clothing, and in whatever positions are most comfortable for the client.

Bowenwork can sometimes be combined with other approaches, but often is its own "stand-alone" session.  It is rather minimal.  The practitioner completes a few specifically focused "moves" over certain areas, and then will actually leave the room for a few moments to allow the person receiving the treatment to fully respond.


In my experience this can be extraordinarily powerful for some people, though not for everyone.


Bowenwork allows the body to reset.  Its benefits develop over several days to a week.






Credentials and Training:
Bowen Technique: Modules 1-8
Tensegrity Medicine Practitioner Level 2. Ongoing Mentorship participation
Massage: Graduate of Bodymechanics School of Myofasial Therapy
CE credits: Lomilomi, Myofascial Length Testing, Accessing Universal Energy for Bowenworkers, Bodymind Bridge client-centered hypnotherapy
, Tensegrity Medicine, Gua-Sha, Spoontaneous Muscle Release Technique, Mclaughlin Scar Release Therapy, Dermoneuromodulation.


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