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Peter Spotts, LMT is a practitioner of Bowenwork, Massage, and Tensegrity Medicine™ . In December of 2017 he transitioned his pracice from the pacific Northwest to central Missouri. 

Peter believes our bodies know how to heal, and is grateful to be able to assist in this process.  Peter serves and learns as a practitioner and collegian of the Tensegrity Medicine Mentorship as taught by Kelly Clancy.  He was graduated from  Bodymechanics school of Massage and Integrated Therapy, and is a certified professional Bowenwork practitioner.

Besides geeking out on all things myofascial, he enjoys wonderful and provocative relationships with one wife, several friends, and quite a few cats.  Peter has been a musician for many years. Currently he is learning jazz standards on the ukulele. He tolerates humidity moderately well.

Reviews of Meaningful Bodywork (Peter Spotts, LMT)

(Full Disclosure: These reviews are from my previous location in Aberdeen, Washington.)

"Peter is very attentive and has great intuition. He has helped my back tremendously. He uses a variety of methods and creates a relaxing atmosphere."

--Shyleen A.

"I have received both specific Bowenwork sessions and integrated massage/Bowen/Tensegrity sessions from Peter. Both are amazing. Peter is highly skilled, intuitive, and humble. I really admire his ability to blend what he does, address what is needed for optimal results, and be present and in tune with the needs and desires of his clients. He is able to address specific issues and give you the sense of deep, accurate, work while also addressing the more subtle needs of the nervous system."

--Rebecca T.

"I had a great healing experience. The combination of modalities by Peter was formidable. I needed a session beyond the usual rubbing to meet my daily athletic abuses I inflict on myself. The room was exceptionally clean, Peter checked with me several times about the pressure and comfort. I was very relax, secure and thankful that I found a great therapist."

--Ben T.

"Peter is a great choice. I have seen long term pain management with Bowen Therapy.My back problems, sciatica, tennis' and golfers' were very debilitating. Since I have started with Bowen Therapy I can move with out pain. So glad to have a Bowen Therapist in Aberdeen. No more traveling to Olympia."

--Maria D.

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